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Our Story

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Coco Basics was created and founded by the husband and wife team of Rich and Nezha Melvin in beautiful Missoula, MT. 

Coco Basics was born when Nezha became pregnant with her second child and decided to find a natural alternative to store bought deodorants which not only were full of chemicals but just didn't work. 

So, Nezha decided to do some research to design her own natural deodorant with as few natural ingredients as possible, which she did and it worked great.

Rich, a very attention to detail type person noticed how Nezha was using this homemade deodorant and raving about how well it worked. Intrigued by this infamous deodorant made by his wife in the kitchen, he asked her to make some for him but he wouldn't try it unless it was in a deodorant container. Rich refused to have his deodorant in a mason jar where he would need to scoop some with his finger tips and rub on. 

Sure enough, Nezha made Rich and her friend Brynn, who at the time was visiting during the holidays a batch. Both Rich and Brynn noticed how well Nezha's homemade deodorant worked especially when they ran out and reverted back to their store bought ones. Rich started to demand (nicely) that Nezha make him some more and so she did. At that point they were convinced they had a natural deodorant that not only was safe but so effective that once you make the switch to it, you were hooked for good.

We take pride in offering a simply raw product made from organic, Non-GMO, Aluminum-Free ingredients that is extremely effective in keeping you fresh and stink-free all day.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you weren’t putting anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat.